Beautiful day where did you go?

The day of Caitlin and Todd’s wedding started on the right foot. They chose to get married at The Golf Club at Newcastle and it was a warm day with clear skies and a few puffy clouds; a perfect day to get married.

41613_2 41713_3a
41713_6 3
41713_4 41713_5a


But as the day progressed, those scattered puffy clouds quickly started multiplying. By start of the ceremony the sky had completely clouded over with a high cloud layer.

41713_9 41713_10b


When Caitlin starts walking down the aisle its time to combine great photography with a little photo editing. Goal is to maintain a theme for the day; yes – have clouds – but make them interesting and not a flat white/grey. The before unedited file on the left and final image on the right.

41813_12before 41813_12after
41813_11before 41813_11afterb
41913_14before 41913_14aftera
41913_13before 41913_13after
41913_15before 41913_15after
42113_21 42113_20
42113_17before 42113_17after
42113_18before 42113_18aftera
42113_19before 42113_19after
42113_24before 42514_redoend

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